I’m Rosaura, the proud designer of “la vie en rox”.I was born in Madrid but, as I married an Italian, I live in Monza, a lovely small town10 kms from Milan.

I met my husband when we were very young in San Francisco, then fate worked hard and we got married.

I have a degree in economics and I am also an interior designer, but fashion and jewelry always have captivated me.

Two wonderful women inspired my whole life,my mother Margarita and my grandmother Rosaura, they were both very special, beautiful people in and out. Unfortunately they passed away but everything

I am it’s because of them, I learned from them everything I know and I am more than grateful.

They gave me their optimism and  joy of life, and that’s what I would like to transmit with my jewels.


I always dream about making my own jewellery collection, but I have never tried because I think it was only for the privileged. One year ago, after a very hard period where I became orphan and many relatives passed away, I found myself destroyed by pain,  but I found the force to live my dream and started to create “la vie en rox”.

The brand “la vie en, Rox”, comes from a play on words with one of my favourites songs, "la vie en rose", and my nickname, Rox. Then I choose the colour, acquamarine for my logo and blu navy for the packaging.

And finally, the hardest time, the search of the goldsmith. I was looking for a good and honest professional to make them. I had already noticed his shop and talking with him about my project, there was an immediate harmony. He said yes and that’s the way we started a collaboration, I design my pieces and he creates them. I count on his experience so that all my ideas could get real.

That is how all started, in 2018, without any help or contacts, just by myself. I always count  with the unconditional support of my dear husband , who is always by my side and give me wings, and my closest friends from Spain and Italy. 

At the begining I used to call my collections with the names of my favourite cities, but I have changed by using the title of the "boleros" songs in order to honour my parents who were always singing them and celebrating life. 

© 2018 La Vie en Rox.  

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